Mr. Nakul Anand

Executive Director,
ITC Limited &
Divisional Chief Executive

"I am a graduate of the ITC HMI ... I recall with fond memories my 18 months stint at ITC HMI. It geared us and armed us for the challenges ahead. When I got my first posting as a Night Manager, little did I realize how well prepared I was for this job.


As I look around the hotels business, I find that nearly 75 to 80% of the Senior Management, especially in operations, are alumni of the ITC Hospitality Management Institute. ... I've never looked back. I never had any regrets."


Mr. Suresh Kumar

Managing Director
Fortune Park Hotels Limited




"... I'm proud to be an alumni of the ITC Hospitality Management Institute - an amazing institution that provided me with a solid foundation to learn and grow. The invigorating environment encouraged us to take on the world head-on and surge forward in everything we did. No wonder, my formative years as a Manager was a cake-walk. Today, one merely builds on this amazing wealth of knowledge and experience handed down by this institution. It's a delight that ITC HMI has moved on and the present day graduates are much more than one could desire - a fantastic breed of confident and knowledgeable achievers with a sense of pride. ..."


Mr. Dhunji Kavarana

Chief Executive Officer

"I had been a Management Trainee with the ITC HMI 30 years ago. I have now been posted as the General Manager of one of the best hotels of the world. ... To have arrived in one of the Luxury hotels of ITC Hotels is definitely well worth it."


Mr. Anil Chadha

Area Manager South 
General Manager, ITC Grand Chola

"...After 18 months of learning, traveling, working in some of the finest hotels in the world, interaction with some of the finest hoteliers this country has ever produced, and enhancing the levels of skills and knowledge, I now believe that nothing is impossible... ITC HMI has given me an identity which I am really proud of ... the batch of 1992."

Ms. Madhu Krishnan

Executive Chef R & D

"Seventeen years ago when I was selected as a Kitchen Executive Trainee at ITC HMI, it was interacting with the country's finest coaches, trainers and it truly prepared me for challenges ... you become a custodian of the country's rich and immense culinary heritage"

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